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Top 5 ways the ATOM Align API can help optimize your trading process

Top 5 ways the ATOM Align API can help optimize your trading processApplication Programming Interfaces (APIs) offer an advantage to customers by exposing an application’s internal business logic to outside sources. This allows for other systems to directly interact and integrate with the functions of a piece of software. For example, Uber’s recently released API allows for its partners to directly connect and send coordinates to Uber from their own applications. ... Keep Reading →

Technology Decisions That Drive Your Staff Crazy

While assessing an advisory firm’s technology needs, I was told to “push the envelope” with Excel’s capabilities so the firm didn’t have to invest in other software. As a consultant, it was not difficult for me to respond. As an employee, I may not have had the opportunity to respond.When it comes to technology, it seems that making no decision is the number one reason employees are frustrated. The excuses given for no decision just adds to the frustration levels.But ... Keep Reading →

Introducing Fractalerts: Algorithm-Driven Alerts for Indices, Forex, & Commodity Markets

Activity in financial markets tends to follow wave-like patterns: something makes a splash, the market reacts in one direction, overcorrects in the opposite direction, then resolves back to a new position.Yet instead of just one splash, there are thousands occurring, interacting, and interfering over the course of a single day, making it seemingly impossible to untangle the patterns.That’s precisely what Fractalerts was built to do: the algorithm-driven trading alerts process ... Keep Reading →

ATOM Align Gets 4.5 / 5 Rating on Schwab Intelligent Technologies

ATOM Align receives 4.5 / 5 stars on OpenView MarketSquare, a technology vendor review platform from Schwab Intelligent Technologies.  Advisors commented that the platform “made portfolio management simpler” and “improved our efficiency.”  Advisors were all specifically impressed with the BlazePortfolio customer service describing support as “always prompt and helpful” and “I always know who I’m dealing with.”We at BlazePortfolio are happy to get positive reviews from our users and ... Keep Reading →

BlazePortfolio Execution Algorithms Available with TD Ameritrade Institutional Integration

Advisors have access to powerful executions algorithms with BlazePortfolio’s ATOM Align integration with TD Ameritrade Institutional.TD Ameritrade Institutional and BlazePortfolio customers now have access to a variety of execution algorithms from leading execution venues including Citadel and KCG. BlazePortfolio Systems makes these execution algorithms available on the ATOM Align trade order management platform. ATOM Align users can select algorithms directly from the trade ... Keep Reading →

And the Definition of Obsolete Technology is…

While attending a technology seminar, the speaker mentioned “obsolete technology” several times during the presentation. At its conclusion, I asked what the definition of “obsolete technology” is.  The answer?  “That’s a very good question.” After thinking about it for several seconds, the presenter asked several people in the audience if they could define it. At the end of the discussion, we agreed that while we can’t specifically define it, we will know it when we see it.  ... Keep Reading →

Introduction to Trade Execution Algorithms

Advisors trading large blocks of ETF’s or stocks without accounting for liquidity run the risk of significant negative performance for each executed trade. Execution algorithms can offer some protection against “slippage”, which is the negative affect on execution prices due to a lack of liquidity and other factors.  In a recent example Good Harbor Financial trades were ... Keep Reading →

BlazePortfolio Partners with SunGard Global Network for Securities to Deliver Straight-Through Trade Processing

SunGard has partnered with BlazePortfolio Systems to provide real-time electronic executions and allocations through SunGard Global Network (SGN) Securities using BlazePortfolio’s Atom Align OMS platform. ATOM ALIGN is a multi-custodian, web-based modeling and trade order management solution for investment advisors, wealth management, trusts, broker-dealers and multi-family office clients. Through SGN Securities, Atom Align clients can streamline their ... Keep Reading →

BlazePortfolio Systems Completes Integration with Streetscape’s Fee-Based Tools

BlazePortfolio is excited to complete its integration between Streetscape’s Fee-Based Tools and ATOM Align, a web-based modeling and order management platform.  The integrated solution provides streamlined portfolio modeling and order management tools to fee-based advisors using National Financial Services.The two-way integration is a complete end-to-end solution for model management and trading.  Account ... Keep Reading →

We've just moved into our new office

After weeks of hard work and sweat we've finally moved into our new office at 4507 N. Ravenswood, Suite 106.  We love the new office, it has an industrial loft feel with exposed brick, 30' ceilings, skylights and a fireplace.  We are still working on getting the track lighting installed along with a huge sliding door we will use to divide up the space.If you are in Chicago be sure to stop in for a visit, if not here is a preview. ... Keep Reading →


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