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ATOM ALIGN Highlighted in FPA – ActiFi Rebalancing Report

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) has partnered with ActiFi, a leading practice management consulting firm for financial advisors, on their latest technology report, the Rebalancing Software Edition. The report highlights ATOM ALIGN’s comprehensive rebalancing features, ease of use and overall value.ATOM ALIGN stands out as the only order management system (OMS) selected to participate in the rebalancing report. “Our clients truly get the ... Keep Reading →

Why Buy Portfolio Rebalancing Software Now?

Three reasons NOW is the perfect time to purchase portfolio rebalancing software:COST BASIS REGULATION ... Keep Reading →

Straight-Through Processing with ATOM ALIGN

Straight-through processing is considered the holy grail by many in the investment industry. At BlazePortfolio, we developed ATOM ALIGN to deliver a straight-through process from investment decision-making to trade execution. By streamlining and automating each step in the investment modeling and trading process, advisors can save valuable time as they optimize use of ATOM ALIGN's innovative technology.Here are just a few of the features designed to maximize efficiency. ... Keep Reading →

Top 5 Reasons Advisors Should Choose an Order Management System

At the recent Charles Schwab Impact conference I spent quite a bit of time discussing the differences between Atom Align as an Order Management System versus standard rebalancing systems. Because this distinction can be subtle, many vendors claim to have an OMS, but a careful analysis of the features will clarify the differences.Below are some of the key benefits for an advisor to choosing an OMS:Intraday Rebalancing and Trade Management – One of the ... Keep Reading →

Technology Topics from Schwab IMPACT

Last month, BlazePortfolio Systems was an exhibiting vendor at the Charles Schwab national conference in San Francisco. Independent Financial Advisors from across the country gathered to learn and collaborate on best practices and key topics. As always, technology is a hot topic at these events and the Schwab Intelligent Integration (SII) initiatives took center stage. The SII initiative highlighted three themes; a best of breed approach, cloud hosted web- ... Keep Reading →

Atom Align - Model, Rebalance, Trade

At BlazePortfolio we believe that product design directly impacts the bottom line of the end user. Software that is overly complicated will be difficult to implement, challenging to support, and will limit the mobility of an organization.Because we created Atom Align from the ground up we’ve taken a fresh look at the “way things were” and developed a flexible, streamlined application to help advisors solve complex challenges. The result is a platform that is intuitive and easy to ... Keep Reading →

Meet Us At the Schwab Impact Conference

IMPACT is one of the largest financial industry conferences where registered independent investment advisors come together with influential presenters, exhibitors and subject-matter experts to learn about and collaborate on key issues and best practices. Now in its 20th year, IMPACT is coming to The Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, November 1–4.BlazePortfolio is excited to be participating in ... Keep Reading →

Steve Jobs, Apple and BlazePortfolio

As the world mourns the loss of Steve Jobs, his influence continues to define the future of technology. I wanted to share how his aesthetic and passion influenced BlazePortfolio and the design of Atom Align, our rebalancing and order management system.Apple didn’t invent the first graphical user interface (GUI), portable MP3 player, or tablet. Instead, Apple was revolutionary by re- ... Keep Reading →

ATOM ALIGN New Features

On September 27 we released many new Atom Align features. Some of these features are: Enhanced workflow management and trade approvalText file import allows for accounts, securities, households, model sleeves and more to easily be updated using ExcelAdditional tolerance options give users more control over rebalancing rangesStreamlined trade and allocation extracts ... Keep Reading →


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