Client Stories

“The householding tools provided by ATOM Align have been very intuitive; they have simplified our trading process and portfolio management.”
 - Brett D'Orlando, Partner/CCO, Fortem Financial


 “The ATOM Align system is exciting!  With so much functionality, we are able to improve our efficiency with particular emphasis   in modeling portfolios to align them to our strategic  targets.”
 - Julio Barahona, Director of Investment Operations, Patton Albertson & Miller


 "Blaze Portfolio's system and support are excellent. The support members are always quick and helpful for any type of situation."
 - Tanner Dance, Director of Trading and Research, Adams Wealth Advisors


 "Blaze allows us to efficiently and confidently manage our client accounts. The work flow is simple and          intuitive, improving our process and ability to ensure our accounts are  invested properly at all times."
 - Justin DuMouchelle, Portfolio Strategist, Bainco International Investors


Business Process Improvement

Organizational changes, such as a merger or the addition of new software applications, can produce daunting challenges for a company. Many of our clients have experienced major growth or other transitions that strongly impacted their business operations. To address these challenges, the BlazePortfolio team leverages its extensive knowledge of portfolio accounting software and industry best practices to develop and implement improvements to help users achieve their business goals.

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