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Models of Models

Scalable top-down modeling                                                     

Household Models

Flexible models designed for complex asset allocations

Drift Analysis

Quickly analyze accounts, models and securities outside of tolerance             

Cash Management

Prevent overdrafts with customizable cash buffers and easily manage cash withdrawals and deposits

Tax Analysis

Pre-trade screens give a clear picture of gains and losses for hundreds of trades

Real-Time Accounting

Not required to create buys and sells at the same time with intra-day cash and positions

Trade Guidelines

Apply minimum trade rules or round your share lots

Trade Compliance

Manage legacy holdings and prevent trading of specific asset classes or securities

Support for Multiple Asset Classes

Manage equities, ETFs, mutual funds, options, individual bonds, partnerships, hedge funds, and more

Limit and Stop Orders

Achieve your ideal execution price with limit and stop orders 

Partial Fills

Multiple methods to automatically manage allocating partial fills

Customized Trading Views

Manage all of your orders on dynamic, customizable trade screens

Real-Time Executions

Trade electronically and get executions in real time with more than 500 brokers

Electronic Block Allocations

Send allocation details to custodians with the click of a button

Real Time Market Data

Update prices automatically with either 15-Minute Delayed or Real-Time Pricing

Seamless Integration

Connects with the leading portfolio accounting systems, custodial platforms, and executing brokers

Serious Security

Triple Layered Security with hosting facilities compliant with SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 standards

Web-Based Cloud Hosting

Our secure private cloud is always available. Anywhere.

Portfolio Accessibilty

Limit accounts access to specific users

System Permissions

Designate permissions to application features

Intuitive and Customizable Displays

Easily customize each view to fit user specific needs

Comprehensive Auditing

Detailed audit information is searchable for compliance requests


Our reports help you analyze, review, and share portfolio, household, model, and trading information


Programmatic access to ATOM features such as order creation, streamlined trade management and electronic trading

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