Established in 2008, Accusource LLC is a privately owned back-office administration firm providing services to the Advent Axys and APX client community.  The first few employees of Accusource have employment backgrounds with Advent, SEI, and independent advisory firms.   Today, our team of over 20 has worked on Advent an average of 10 years, and we have CFA’s and many ex-Advent clients and employees on staff.   We strive to be so close with our clients, the lines between Accusource and our clients’ own back office disappear.  


Each client goes through a proven onboarding process, which acclimates us to existing process and people, but also guides who within Accusource will process each new client. Each client is assigned a single point of contact.  That person will process and handle all requests from the client.

Accusource does not have a call center or relationship managers; the client has direct access to the person processing their account.

All the client data remains on the same servers as the client has always done before, and the client controls Accusouces access and right. 


  • We are partners with our clients, we should act and feel like part of their company,
  • The client’s needs are paramount
  • We make it feel like our clients didn’t outsource.
  • We will provide an environment where the employee feel comfortable making improvements and asking questions. 
  • The staff of Accusource focuses on the clients, the management focuses on the employees. (the client is the boss)
  • We will adhere to the highest ethical standards and strive to remain free of conflicts of interest
  • Even the most efficiently designed process can have room for improvement.


Family offices (single and multi) | Investment Managers | Wealth Managers | RIA’s


We handle anything from the equity only firm to complex assets and workflows, however where we shine is with multi-currency, fixed income alternatives, private placements, or forward currency contracts.  We are not a consulting business; we only work for clients that use our back-office service.   One of our clients called us their Advent general contractor, we may not do everything but between us and our partners we can help you with anything from custom reports, upgrades, installs, and we’ll recommend going to Advent directly when appropriate.


  • Daily position and cash reconciliation
  • Performance updating
  • Performance audit
  • Custom interfaces
  • Cost basis maintenance
  • New accounts processing
  • Manual account processing
  • Period end reporting
  • Month-end closing reconciliation.


  • Headquarters: Exon, PA (45 minutes north off Philadelphia)
  • Remote Locations: New York, LA, Anchorage, Honolulu, S. Vietnam,
  • Number of Employees: 21
  • Number of Clients: 31
  • Primary Partners/Technology Solutions:
    • Advent:   Axys, APX, REX, ACD, Dataport
    • Fascet:  Balance, Conduit, and hosting
    • BlazePortfolio: Portfolio Rebalancing/Trading
    • ByAll accounts:  Account data

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