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As advisory firms begin to utilize technology to engage with digital-first clients or manage parts of their business in a more automated way, Blaze Portfolio is leading the way with additional capabilities and integrations.
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Automated solutions and streamlined workflows for modern advisors

Flexible Sleeve Modeling

Easily manage multiple strategies or sleeves in a single account or household. Trade a single security or rebalance specific strategies across accounts in seconds — even if your clients have customized allocations.

FIX Real-Time Electronic Executions and Allocations

Trade electronically and get executions in real time with more than 500 custodians and brokers, including Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Pershing, and Fidelity. Electronic trade execution and block allocations for Equity, ETF, Mutual Fund, Option and Fixed Income Asset Types.

Automated Order Blocking

Automatically group equity and ETF trades into block orders and ensure consistent average execution pricing across accounts. Once you’ve completed your block trades, our intuitive interface lets you send allocation details to custodians with the click of a button.

Tax Loss Harvesting

Customizable data queries and instant filters mean you can immediately analyze the estimated gains and losses for thousands of trades, or search across your entire business for tax-loss harvesting opportunities.

Drift Analysis on Demand

Implement customized tolerance ranges by strategies and/or securities, then get detailed trading recommendations and analysis on securities or accounts that are out of balance. Users can also quickly search across their accounts or households for securities or sleeves that have drifted away from targets.

Trade Compliance

Create customizable rules to restrict trading any asset or account. Prevent wash sale violations and mutual fund redemption penalties. Automate the trade calculation adjustments based on minimum trade rules or rounding settings.

Real-Time or Delayed Market Data

Update prices used for trade calculations automatically using either 15-Minute Delayed or Real-Time Pricing.

Real-Time Gain / Loss Calculations

Review long-term and short-term gains or losses on every trade and sort/filter the results.

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With 100+ integrations, you can bring together everything your team needs to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate work, start to finish.