Cash Management

Managing cashflows manually can be a cumbersome daily activity. Blaze Portfolio has powerful cash management capabilities to help you analyze, monitor, and trade based on the cash requirements of each advisor and client.
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Cash Management Features

Real Time Cash Accounting

With real-time cash accounting, clients never have to worry about duplicating trades or overspending cash. Blaze Portfolio has an internal accounting engine that tracks every trade in the system to ensure accurate calculations.

Intraday Cash Deposits / Withdrawals can be updated automatically to reflect custodian cash transactions or determine trades required during a client cash withdrawal.

Cash Monitoring

Prevent overdrafts with customizable cash buffers and targets. Easily monitor cash balances and identify accounts outside of a cash ranges or model drift.

Raise or Invest Cash Rebalancing

Raise cash or invest cash across one or many accounts using intelligent cash rebalancing strategies that optimize trade recommendations to achieve cash targets.

Money Market Sweep and Electronic Trading

Invest your client accounts in money market security with a higher yield by sweeping all excess cash into a tradable money market fund. Process all of the transactions electronically directly with the custodian.

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