Model Rebalancing

Advisor technology needs to be highly flexible and agile to manage and streamline your investment process. Blaze Portfolio helps you do just that. Whether you are a multi-family office using alternative assets or a digital advisor looking for scalability, Blaze Portfolio provides the solutions to optimize your investment management process.
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Model Rebalancing Features

Flexible Sleeve Modeling

Easily manage multiple strategies or sleeves in a single account or household. Trade a single security or rebalance specific strategies across accounts in seconds — even if your clients have customized allocations.

Drift Analysis on Demand

Implement customized tolerance ranges by strategies and/or securities, then get detailed trading recommendations and analysis on securities or accounts that are out of balance. Users can also quickly search across their accounts or households for securities or sleeves that have drifted away from targets.

Support for Multiple Asset Classes

Accurately account for and manage equities, ETFs, mutual funds, options, individual bonds, partnerships, hedge funds, and separately managed accounts.

N-Tier Household Models and Asset Allocations

Create models of models of models to support any model hierarchies and structures you need. Mix and match sleeves, models, SMA accounts and alternative assets into a complete allocation view.

Legacy Holdings Flexibility

Easily support every unique account or customer scenario automatically by dynamically adjusting models, excluding assets, reserving cash, utilizing multiple security equivalent settings or trade restrictions.

Household Model Location Optimization

For tax-sensitive clients you can automate the process of buying and selling assets in specific accounts using highly customizable and easy to use rules for investing across an entire client’s portfolio of accounts.

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