Risk Management

At Blaze Portfolio we are serious about mitigating risk. We’ve automated the data validation process, so you can have confidence in the trade calculations.

Our robust pre-trade compliance features prevent incorrect trading or just notify managers to review specific trades. We also keep a detailed record of everything done in the system, just to make the regulators happy.

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We’ve built more than 50 integrations to various third parties. Contact us to find out more about current integrations or to find out how users can build their own. We’ve integrated with:

Trade Compliance

Create customizable rules to restrict trading any asset or account. Prevent wash sale violations and mutual fund redemption penalties. Automate the trade calculation adjustments based on minimum trade rules or rounding settings.

Comprehensive Auditing and Reporting

Our reports help you analyze, review, and share portfolio, household, model, and trading information. Detailed audit information is searchable for compliance requests.

Multi-Level Trade Approval

Highly customizable workflows for trade approval. Apply situational rules to apply multiple approval steps and designate users with each level of approval permission.

Data Validation

Accurate data is a critical aspect of every trading system. We have multiple levels of validation to ensure that every account and security has current and accurate information.

Wash Sale Monitoring

Monitor and prevent violations of the IRS Wash Sale rule across the accounts of all clients.

Robust System Administration

Delegation features limit access to accounts, models, sleeves and other information to specified users. Create permission groupings designed by role to limit the all application features.

Automated Trade Reconciliation

Trades are reconciled automatically to ensure that accounts have accurate information at the start of each day. Accounts are automatically flagged if any trade reconciliation issues are identified.

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