Tax Management

Identifying ways to minimize your clients’ tax burden is a valuable service that requires technology to do at scale. At Blaze Portfolio we make it easy with tax awareness, tax harvesting, and tax location optimization.
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Tax Management Features

Tax Loss Harvesting

Customizable data queries and instant filters mean you can immediately analyze the estimated gains and losses for thousands of trades, or search across your entire business for tax-loss harvesting opportunities.

Real Time Gain / Loss Calculations

Review long-term and short-term gains or losses on every trade and sort/filter the results.

Household Model Location Optimization

For tax-sensitive clients you can automate the process of buying and selling assets in specific accounts using highly customizable and easy to use rules for investing across an entire client’s portfolio of accounts.

Tax Status Equivalents

Automatically select specific securities to include in a model based on account tax status settings.

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