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At Blaze Portfolio we are committed to building technology that is designed to fit our client’s workflows – not the other way around. We’re about helping advisors be operationally efficient, reduce risks, and have a clear picture of every client account and their investments.
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Blaze Portfolio is designed to scale your operations

No two advisor practices are the same, which is why we’ve developed the Blaze Portfolio platform to be the most flexible and scalable rebalancing and trading platform for advisors. We offer advisors a wide range of features designed to help you manage the unique needs of your clients, while scaling the implementation of every investment strategy across your entire firm. With these capabilities, our clients can create a standardized set of investment models, which can be automatically adjusted around a client’s legacy holdings, cash requirements, investment preferences or tax status. As the market moves and cash flows in and out of accounts, our clients have the confidence and tools they need to quickly make adjustments to one account or every account in the firm.

Not only do we have the right tools, but our team is here to support you every step of the way. Our team of experts is there to tailor each implementation around a client, customize the workflows and configuration and fully integrate all of your partner systems. Once the implementation is complete we have unlimited product support to ensure your trading process is seamless.

Flexible Sleeve Modeling

Easily manage multiple strategies or sleeves in a single account or household. Trade a single security or rebalance specific strategies across accounts in seconds — even if your clients have customized allocations.

Legacy Holdings Flexibility

Easily support every unique account or customer scenario automatically by dynamically adjusting models, excluding assets, reserving cash, utilizing multiple security equivalent settings or trade restrictions.

FIX Real-Time Electronic Executions and Allocations

Trade electronically and get executions in real time with more than 500 custodians and brokers, including Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Pershing, and Fidelity. Electronic trade execution and block allocations for Equity, ETF, Mutual Fund, Option and Fixed Income Asset Types.

Tax Loss Harvesting

Customizable data queries and instant filters mean you can immediately analyze the estimated gains and losses for thousands of trades, or search across your entire business for tax-loss harvesting opportunities.

Raise or Invest Cash Rebalancing

Raise cash or invest cash across one or many accounts using intelligent cash rebalancing strategies that optimize trade recommendations to achieve cash targets.

Drift Analysis On Demand

Implement customized tolerance ranges by strategies and/or securities, then get detailed trading recommendations and analysis on securities or accounts that are out of balance. Users can also quickly search across their accounts or households for securities or sleeves that have drifted away from targets.

Support for Multiple Asset Classes

Accurately account for and manage equities, ETFs, mutual funds, options, individual bonds, partnerships, hedge funds, and separately managed accounts.

Automated Block Trading

Easily automate your block trading for equities and ETFs to ensure consistent average pricing across accounts. Once you’ve completed your block trades, our intuitive interface lets you send allocation details to custodians with the click of a button.

Real Time Gain / Loss Calculations

Review long-term and short-term gains or losses on every trade and sort/filter the results.

Cash Monitoring

Prevent overdrafts with customizable cash buffers and targets. Easily monitor cash balances and identify accounts outside of a cash ranges or model drift.

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