Investment Managers

The Blaze Portfolio platform has the capabilities you need to streamline your investment operational workflows, fuel growth and efficiency, so you can focus on delivering an excellent client experience.
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Streamlined order management and instant executions

We provide the cutting-edge cloud trade order management, execution and compliance capabilities your business needs to succeed in this ever-changing market environment.

The Blaze Portfolio system streamlines your daily investment process with simple trade creation across one or many accounts.  Generate orders based on investment targets, swap from one to many securities, write covered calls or use any of the highly customizable trading strategy workflows.

Reduce trading errors with built-in trading validation designed to identify stale data, reconciliation issues, wash sale violations, cash balances, legacy holdings and many additional user-managed restrictions.

Manage the trade order and allocation routing of Equities, ETF’s, Mutual Funds, Options and Bonds in a simple and intuitive trading view.  Traders can customize their trading screens to display, filter, sort and manage orders quickly and easily.  FIX order routing, execution algorithms, trader comments, not-held orders and many other trading options comes standard with the Blaze platform.

Drift Analysis on Demand

Implement customized tolerance ranges by strategies and/or securities, then get detailed trading recommendations and analysis on securities or accounts that are out of balance. Users can also quickly search across their accounts or households for securities or sleeves that have drifted away from targets.

FIX Real-Time Electronic Executions and Allocations

Trade electronically and get executions in real time with more than 500 custodians and brokers, including Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Pershing, and Fidelity. Electronic trade execution and block allocations for Equity, ETF, Mutual Fund, Option and Fixed Income Asset Types.

Automated Block Trading

Easily automate your block trading for equities and ETFs to ensure consistent average pricing across accounts. Once you’ve completed your block trades, our intuitive interface lets you send allocation details to custodians with the click of a button.

Advanced Trading Features

Achieve your ideal execution price with limit and stop-loss orders. Algorithmic Trading - Electronically route orders and apply execution algorithms or not held trade flag for best execution.

Support for Multiple Asset Classes

Accurately account for and manage equities, ETFs, mutual funds, options, individual bonds, partnerships, hedge funds, and separately managed accounts.

Trade Compliance

Create customizable rules to restrict trading any asset or account. Prevent wash sale violations and mutual fund redemption penalties. Automate the trade calculation adjustments based on minimum trade rules or rounding settings.

Real-Time or Delayed Market Data

Updated prices used for trade calculations automatically with either 15-Minute Delayed or Real-Time Pricing.

Options Workflows

Write covered calls or cash secured puts across one or hundreds of accounts at once with smart trading strategies that accounts for existing underlying holdings. Streamline the management of rolling over options and automatically restrict trading securities with associated options contracts.

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