Multi-Family Offices and Wealth Managers

Ultra and high-net-worth families often require more sophisticated tools, bespoke investment strategies and alternative investment vehicles. The Blaze Portfolio platform is designed to be highly customizable to meet the needs of Multi-Family Offices and Wealth Managers.
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Flexible solutions for bespoke investment strategies

Advisors have the flexibility to create a customized asset allocation for each client, while using standardized investment components.  This allows users to have both unparalleled client customization and scalable investment management across thousands of clients.

Operational efficiency is paramount to every RIA, and MFO’s often encounter additional challenges related to alternative investment transactions, managed accounts, cash movements and investment transitions over extended time frames.  Unique features in Blaze Portfolio support these complex workflows and many others.

Larger, more complex clients often have many accounts and investments that are consolidated into a single household view.  The Blaze Platform supports multiple unique views of accounts, models, asset classes and other highly customizable displays.  Our Client Summary report combines all of the rebalancing output into a simplified, intuitive, and tailored client report, so you can clearly describe every client scenario.

N-Tier Household Models and Asset Allocations

Create models of models of models to support any model hierarchies and structures you need. Mix and match sleeves, models, SMA accounts and alternative assets into a complete allocation view.

Household Model Location Optimization

For tax-sensitive clients you can automate the process of buying and selling assets in specific accounts using highly customizable and easy to use rules for investing across an entire client’s portfolio of accounts.

Trade Compliance

Create customizable rules to restrict trading any asset or account. Prevent wash sale violations and mutual fund redemption penalties. Automate the trade calculation adjustments based on minimum trade rules or rounding settings.

Raise or Invest Cash Rebalancing

Raise cash or invest cash across one or many accounts using intelligent cash rebalancing strategies that optimize trade recommendations to achieve cash targets.

Legacy Holdings Flexibility

Easily support every unique account or customer scenario automatically by dynamically adjusting models, excluding assets, reserving cash, utilizing multiple security equivalent settings or trade restrictions.

Support for Multiple Asset Classes

Accurately account for and manage equities, ETFs, mutual funds, options, individual bonds, partnerships, hedge funds, and separately managed accounts.

Real Time Cash Accounting

With real-time cash accounting, clients never have to worry about duplicating trades or overspending cash. Blaze Portfolio has an internal accounting engine that tracks every trade in the system to ensure accurate calculations.

Intraday Cash Deposits / Withdrawals can be updated automatically to reflect custodian cash transactions or determine trades required during a client cash withdrawal.

Comprehensive Auditing and Reporting

Our reports help you analyze, review, and share portfolio, household, model, and trading information. Detailed audit information is searchable for compliance requests.

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