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Cash Management

Cash Management

Managing cashflows manually can be a cumbersome daily activity.  Blaze Portfolio has powerful cash management capabilities to help you analyze, monitor, and trade based on the cash requirements of each advisor and client.


With real-time cash accounting, clients never have to worry about duplicating trades or overspending cash. Blaze Portfolio has an internal accounting engine that tracks every trade in the system to ensure accurate calculations.

Intraday Cash Deposits / Withdrawals can be updated automatically to reflect custodian cash transactions or determine trades required during a client cash withdrawal.
With Blaze Portfolio, users have multiple ways to ensure that client cash balances are right on target. Accounts can have minimum or maximum cash ranges and the system can identify accounts or households that have drifted away from their target.
There are many ways of handling cash reserves and investing excess cash. Blaze Portfolio has developed cash rebalancing strategies that work the way advisors do. Using separate calculations in Excel or creating custom models to handle cash are not scalable and come with potential risks. We understand these complexities and have built solutions into the product.

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