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Model Rebalancing

Model Rebalancing

Advisor technology needs to be highly flexible and agile to manage and streamline your investment process.  Blaze Portfolio helps you do just that.  Whether you are a multi-family office using alternative assets or a digital advisor looking for scalability, Blaze Portfolio provides the solutions to optimize your investment management process.


Advisors can manage a single strategy or combine multiple strategies / sleeves together to create models of models. Multi-Strategy Modeling allows users to mix and match sleeves to create an unlimited number of models that are easy to manage and scalable to trade.
Instantly analyze portfolio drift across your entire business. Users can quickly identify accounts that are outside of a minimum / maximum target allocation for cash or model strategy.
Apply models to a single account or to a client household. For models that are assigned to multiple accounts, use location optimization to implement a consistent tax optimization strategy.
No models necessary. Create asset class allocation targets that are not security specific.
Handle legacy assets or create customized rules to manage one-off scenarios.

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