Security Equivalents with ATOM Align

One of the exciting new features that we’ve just released is the ability to add Security Equivalents to sleeve and models.  With security equivalents you can now incorporate securities that are not included in a standard model.  For example you might have securities that are legacy client holdings or mutual funds closed to new investors that should be included in the overall allocation for existing holders of those securities.

Adding Security Equivalents with ATOM Align

With the latest version of ATOM Align users can create many different types of equivalents including:

  • Replacement – Securities that are used instead of the model securities for buys and sells
  • Transitional – Securities that are sold if overweight but not used for purchases
  • Held – Securities that count toward an existing allocation but are not bought or sold
  • Rules Based – Securities that are bought and sold based on account characteristics

At BlazePortfolio our goal is to streamline the investment process for advisors and securities equivalents is just one of the many feature designed to save time and reduce the operational burden for advisors.

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Bryson Pouw, President

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