ATOM ALIGN Winter 2012 Release Features Pershing and Albridge Integration

Next week BlazePortfolio will release the newest version of ATOM ALIGN, the industry’s most advanced web-based modeling and order management platform.

The Winter 2012 release features two new interface sources—Pershing Custodial Data and Albridge Applink web services—in addition to many other ways to help advisors streamline daily procedures.

Some of the highlights from the Winter 2012 release include:

  • Pershing Custodial Data Import – Seamless integration of account, security, tax lot and realized gain and loss data imported automatically each day
  • Albridge Applink Integration – Real-time web services integration can update ATOM ALIGN with Albridge data with the click of a button. Accounts, securities and position information will update automatically including CashEdge and 401k accounts
  • Support for FIX 4.2 and FIX 4.3 electronic trading through the SunGard Global Network for Transactions
  • Pershing Mutual Fund Extract – Upload mutual fund trades into NetX360
  • Additional columns included on the portfolio list and order approval screens
  • Account and Household text file import enhancements
  • Individual fills and electronic trades can now be deleted from the trading screen

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