Bridging the Gap

OMS vs. Rebalancing


In the past investment advisors had to choose between a rebalancing system and an order management system (OMS).  Historically investment managers used OMSs and investment advisors chose rebalancing systems.  Advisory firms today are much more diverse and now utilize a broad range of investment strategies, processes and vehicles. 


To meet the evolving needs of advisors, the established OMS and rebalancing vendors have attempted to incorporate features of each system. In both cases, the features are overly complex and incomplete additions to the core application.


ATOM ALIGN is the first hybrid OMS-rebalancing solution designed to integrate the comprehensive modeling capabilities of a rebalancing system with the trading features of an OMS.  As a hybrid solution, ATOM ALIGN is able to meet the needs of a wide-range of firms, from single users to enterprise environments.


Who is a good fit for ATOM ALIGN? If two or more of the following profiles apply, ATOM ALIGN is the right solution for your firm:


More than one asset type is managed (i.e., mutual funds, individual equities, ETF’s, individual bonds, partnerships, options or others)


Multi-strategy models or models of models are used


Models or asset allocations are created for an entire household or family of accounts


A streamlined solution is required due to a high volume of accounts or frequent trading activity


Real-time electronic trading of equities or ETF’s would be beneficial


Need a ready-to-launch solution with minimal resources required to implement and manage long-term


Interested in a web-based cloud solution requiring no hardware, software or backups


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