CRM Integration with Advent Axys

CRM systems are great for maintaining close relationships with existing and prospective clients.  With enough planning and configuration, CRM systems can be leveraged to automate workflows, marketing campaigns and distribute data across a firm.  Because CRMs are an essential component of operations, the phasing out of a CRM is disruptive and inconvenient. 

When Advent Software announced last year the “end-of-life” for Qube at the end of 2011, their Qube clients were put between a rock and a hard place.  The choice is either spend six figures to upgrade to APX or find a new CRM platform.  BlazePortfolio has been working with firms who are transitioning to new CRM platforms and would like to retain the same level of integration with Axys.

BlazePortfolio has products and services designed to help firms get the most from their CRM technology.  The Portfolio Composition Manager or PCMi application seamlessly integrates CRM systems with Advent Axys.  BlazePortfolio brings expertise working with many leading CRM applications including Junxure, Microsoft CRM, and Salesforce.

Here are some of the benefits to using the PCMi:

  • Single Point of Data Entry – Reduce the time spent and potential errors associated double entry of account data
  • Automated Processing – Automatically create new accounts and update existing accounts with changes made on the CRM system
  • Data Translation – Ensure that Axys is consistently updated with the right information
  • Audited Updates – Changes a tracked in a detailed audit log

If you are a current Qube user and are looking to avoid a costly APX conversion or if use another CRM but want to take your CRM to the next level, BlazePortfolio has a solution.
The BlazePortfolio Professional Services team can utilize the PCMi and other tools to streamline your operational process and implement group or report automation.
here to download a PCMi case study or contact us to find out how BlazePortfolio can take your CRM implementation to the next level.

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