Introducing the ATOM ALIGN API

We are very happy to announce the public release of the ATOM ALIGN API.

ATOM ALIGN is a powerful model rebalancing and trade order management used by financial advisors and investment managers.  The goal of the ATOM ALIGN API is to provide BlazePortfolio customers and partners with programmatic access to ATOM features such as order creation, streamlined trade management and electronic trading.

The ATOM ALIGN API is based on widely accepted standards such as REST for access and JSON format for the data. We designed the API to be secure, simple, predictable, and useful to companies who can to leverage application programming interfaces.

If you are developing a solution for your investment organization the API makes it easy to directly access your data and to integrate ATOM with other systems or applications.  Our documentation and client support team can help guide you through a variety of scenarios.

If you are a technology provider or application developer for the investment community the ATOM ALIGN API makes it easy build upon the order management features and electronic trading capabilities in ATOM.

Here are some of the functions that are available through the API.

  • Information Queries – Obtain the list of portfolios, orders, brokers, and securities in Atom Align
  • Trade Orders – Place, execute, cancel, and allocate trade orders through Atom Align that can be routed using the FIX protocol.
  • Manage Trade Extracts – Create and download trade extract files in specific custodian formats

We are excited about the possibilities with the ATOM ALIGN API and we want to hear from you.  Contact us at for more information or to sign up for a trial API account.

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