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December 20, 2010

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Atom Align 1.3 Beta 3 – Advanced Rebalancing and Trading Software

Household Modeling, Portfolio Center© Integration, and more

Efficient Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies

COMING SOON: Atom Align 1.3 Rebalancing and Trading Software
We are pleased to announce the public availability on January 15, 2011 of the Atom Align 1.3™ Beta 3 release. This next version of our powerful web-based portfolio rebalancing and trading software introduces several new ways to streamline the modeling and trading processes, leading the way toward a straight-through model rebalancing and trade processing solution.

For a limited time, investment professionals can experience, evaluate and influence this exciting new version. Click here to join our exclusive beta program today

NEW FEATURES: Household Modeling, Portfolio Center© Integration, and more
Household modeling is one of the most anticipated features now available in Atom Align 1.3, drastically reducing the time and effort required to setup, manage, report upon and trade multiple households.

Users can create thousands of household models with a single import, complete with allocations to customizable categories, sub-categories and managed accounts. Global changes in household models are easily implemented, while ensuring taxable and tax-deferred accounts are assigned the appropriate securities.

In addition, Atom Align 1.3 now supports Portfolio Center XML integration, offers real-time pricing, client reporting and more.

Click here to learn more about these exciting new features

BLAZEBLOG: Efficient Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies
In the current economic climate, uncertainty is the only certainty. Tactical asset allocation strategies offer a proactive approach for today’s volatile market. Unfortunately, according to a study by Advisor Benchmarking, tactical advisors spend 75% more time on portfolio management than strategic advisors. The challenge is finding the right tool to effectively implement tactical asset allocation strategies.

Click here to learn more about Atom Align’s tactical allocation solution

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