Streamlining Trade Management for Investment Advisors

Whether your firm is just getting off the ground or growing rapidly, if you’re ready to scale your investment advisory business, streamlining trade management processes can be made easier with the help of technology and advice from industry experts.

Challenges When Streamlining Trade Management for Your Firm

There are several challenges that can arise when implementing a scalable strategy for managing your firm’s order creation and trade execution. When using technology to scale the devil is in the details and in the data. If data is harmonized and standardized it can be leveraged to deliver a higher level of service to your customers. Not only does data need to be accurate and timely, but the systems used need to be able to capture and utilize data from multiple sources to make the biggest impact. 

The Beauty of Harmonizing and Streamlining

Bringing together data from multiple formats and sources into a meaningful single location is called data harmonization and is beneficial for advisory firms. At Blaze Portfolio we’ve developed a flexible way to bring data into our system from multiple sources, and then standardize it for use across the platform.  The data can be used to manage your modeling process, optimize trade creation, and deliver insights into your client accounts, ensure compliance, reduce errors, and drive efficiencies for your firm. Eliminating tedious manual tasks allows for you and your firm to add more value to transactions and time spent managing client accounts. Advisors achieve better results with a trade management platform that helps to improve accuracy while reducing the need for manual data manipulation.

“Blaze Portfolio: The Definition of Streamlined Electronic Trading

Which trade management platform to use will depend on your firm and specific needs of your clients, but as WeathTech Club reporter Vasyl Soloshchuk wrote, Atom Align by Blaze Portfolio is “the definition of streamlined electronic trading.” In an interview with Bryson Pouw, founder and CEO of Blaze Portfolio, Soloshchuk learned that the platform can (among other things) monitor drift, apply trading strategy frameworks quickly across many accounts, and generate orders in many different ways to “provide a scalable and streamlined way of managing orders for both small and large organizations.”

Other investment management firms have learned first hand how beneficial to their clients an electronic platform for streamlining trade management can be. Blaze Portfolio’s Atom Align helps to cut trade completion time, increase trade execution consistency across multiple custodians, and introduce additional control logic, such as cash minimums, restrictions, and other safeguards.


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