Top 5 Reasons ETF Managers should use ATOM Align

The total asset in ETFs have ballooned to over $2 trillion in assets.  The recent inflows into ETF’s have been impressive, yet we are likely at the beginning of this trend.  There are various reasons advisors and managers are utilizing ETFs rather than mutual funds; lower expense ratio costs, liquidity, tactical portfolio management, or just a better fit for overall investment philosophy.  With the right technology ETF managers can maximize the benefits of these securities.

We developed ATOM, a web based portfolio modeling and trading system, to streamline the ETF management process.  Here are the top 5 reasons why ETF managers should use ATOM:

  1. ATOM is Multi-Custodian – Manage all of your models, strategies and trading activity across all accounts in a single system.
  2. Straight-through Electronic Trading – Execute ETF trades using the FIX protocol to over 600 brokers and custodians.
  3. Automated Block trading and Allocations – Trades can be automatically blocked so all accounts get a single average price, then allocation details can be electronically sent to custodians.
  4. Real-Time Portfolio Modeling – With real time security pricing, real time accounting for intraday trading, and real time tax analysis you can mitigate risks and trade on the most accurate information.
  5. Tactical Trade Management – No matter what your process is, ATOM can help you be more efficient.  Import models or tactical trade signals then trade one, 10 or 100 securities in an instant.

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