ATOM Align by BlazePortfolio Featured in Wealth Management Today

ATOM Align is capturing more attention in the financial world these days. As industry leader Craig Iskowitz recently praised the platform on his widely read blog, Wealth Management Today.

Wealth Management Today’s Iskowitz on ATOM Align

In his article, Iskowitz highlights one of the key differentiators that sets ATOM Align apart from every other rebalancing platform: a fully integrated order management system. Iskowitz’s FIX protocol experience gives him a deep understanding of both trade management and rebalancing platforms, so he appreciates the added value ATOM Align delivers.

“For the past year and a half, I have been meeting with vendors of portfolio rebalancing software, seeing demos of their products, and writing a series of articles about my findings,” Iskowitz writes. “All of the applications were very good and provided a long list of features and functionality, but none of them jumped out at me as offering an innovative solution that could take the industry in a different direction — that is, until now.”

With an integrated order management system, advisors can manage block orders in real-time across multiple custodians. This type of feature was previously only seen in expensive, high-end enterprise trading platforms. Iskowitz describes the many benefits to real-time integration, including: dramatic time savings, better and more consistent trade executions, increased accuracy, and greater scalability.

Iskowitz is a technology and business strategy consultant, as well as an expert on fee-based advisory platforms. He has written a series of articles about rebalancing platforms and has covered a wide range of technology providers, including FolioDynamics, MyVest, Tamarac, and iRebal.

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