Top 5 ways the ATOM Align API Can Help Optimize Your Trading Process

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) offer an advantage to customers by exposing an application’s internal business logic to outside sources. This allows for other systems to directly interact and integrate with the functions of a piece of software. For example, Uber’s recently released API allows for its partners to directly connect and send coordinates to Uber from their own applications.

Recently, ATOM’s own API was featured in a blog post by the API Evangelist, Kin Lane. Here are 5 ways you can leverage the API to optimize your trading process:

  1. Electronically Send Trades to ATOM Align

Using our API, you can create trades from outside of ATOM Align. This allows you to use your own trading calculations and automatically send those trade details to ATOM. Once the trades are sent to ATOM, you can log into ATOM and manage them from our trade order management screen or manage the trades using the API.

  1. Manage the FIX Message Workflows Remotely

Take advantage of the ATOM Router by accessing our FIX functions through the API. The entire FIX workflow, from trade execution to block trade allocation, can be accessed and managed from your own systems.

  1. Query for Order Statuses

Keep your system in sync with the latest trade statues through our API. With the latest updates, you will be able to keep your dashboard in sync with the latest trade fill and average price updates.

  1. Ease of API Implementation

The ATOM API is based on widely accepted standards such as REST for access and JSON format for the data. We designed the API to be secure, simple, predictable, and useful to companies who can to leverage application programming interfaces.

  1. Make ATOM Fit Your Specific Workflow Needs

The ATOM API is constantly expanding and adding functionality. If you have a specific workflow or requirement that can be solved with ATOM Align, you can work with our operations team to implement a solution via our API.

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