New Options Trading Strategies in BlazePortfolio

New Options Trading Strategies in BlazePortfolio Support Covered Calls and Cash Secured Puts

BlazePortfolio ATOM Align has long been a leader in model rebalancing and trade management technology.  Now we’ve expanded our capabilities with options trading strategies.  With the options trading features, advisors are now able to write covered calls and cash secured puts that complement their existing investment models and strategies. 

Advisors can generate additional income for clients and reduce risk with options trading strategies, and we’ve made the process easy to manage.  Here are just a few of the capabilities that we’ve just released: 

BlazePortfolio is excited to release these highly anticipated features–developed based on client requests and input–and as always, we need your feedback to make them the best they can be. 

To find out more about the options trading features and see a demo of ATOM Align from BlazePortfolio, visit our website or sign up for a demo today!  

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