5 Ways to Talk to Clients about Atom Align

Advisors and clients don’t usually talk about operational technology. Here are five reasons why you should not only bring up the topic but leverage the discussion as an example of how you have their best interests in mind.

You are a professional: Professional Advisors have professional operations

Advisors demonstrate professionalism with an operational environment built around the best available technology.  Investors will gain confidence in advisors with standardized procedures and a scalable environment for managing and executing investment strategies.  Atom Align was designed for an enterprise environment with features that encourage operational standards and ensure user compliance.

Customer service is your priority

Advisors deliver the best service with quick responses to client requests and a proactive approach to account management. Atom Align gives advisors the tools to monitor client cash balances and take advantage of rebalancing opportunities in an instant.  With the right tools advisors can spend more time working on client relationships and less time trading.

You know how to manage risk

Advisors are exposed to many risks including human error, inability to trade quickly, stale data, and the risk of losing a key employee.  Using Atom Align advisors can build a defined process around a fully integrated platform with accurate information that is always accessible.  Clients will rest easy knowing that these risks have been identified and addressed.

Your business is efficient and streamlined

Market conditions fluctuate now more than ever. Investors expect their advisors to monitor every account and be able to react quickly when the opportunity arises.  Atom Align is flexible enough to handle unique client scenarios and designed to streamline global strategy changes in an instant and then execute them seamlessly.

Your clients get the best execution

Not only is best execution a SEC requirement but it is also a best practice that has the potential for additional returns.  Atom Align is the only rebalancing platform with integrated order management system.  Deliver consistent execution for every client with blocked trades and execute trades in milliseconds with our FIX electronic trading engine.

Atom Align is the industry’s most advanced web-based modeling and trade order management solution for investment advisor, wealth management, trust, broker dealer, and multi-family office clients.   Contact us today to find out how you can make Atom Align part of the conversation.


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