Tactical Overlay with Atom Align

Investment philosophies tend to fall into one of two categories: passive or active.  With market volatility the new norm, advisors are looking a hybrid approaches or tactical overlay.

A recent Barron’s article highlights advisory firms with strategies that contain both long-term allocation targets and shorter-term allocations.  A challenge these firms face is how to globally manage long-term and short-term strategies easily across many accounts.

The solution is sleeve management, sometimes called “models of models,” in Atom Align.  This feature allows advisors to use a tactical sleeve across a variety of different model allocations.  The sleeve, or individual securities within the sleeve, can be easily rebalanced independently of the remaining holdings.

Another Atom Align feature designed for tactical overlay is the Balance Type option.  Using the Tactical balance type, a rebalance will not only consider the target allocation but also any Buy, Sell or Hold ratings applied to securities.  This feature can also be used for momentum strategies where a security may be above its target allocation, but not sold.

Whether your investment strategy is active, passive or somewhere in between, Atom Align can help you quickly and easily implement your strategies and then seamlessly execute trades in the same time it would take to make a cup of coffee.

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