Announcing New Margin Capabilities

We are happy to announce the newest ATOM ALIGN feature for tracking margin balances.  This feature will give ATOM users the ability to model accounts and created trades while also accounting for available margin balances.

“ATOM’s new margin capabilities are a part of our continued effort to offer trade order management features aimed for asset managers, “ says Bryson Pouw, President of BlazePortfolio.  We added this feature at the request of some of our clients.”

Margin balances can be either imported using a spreadsheet or csv file.  Clients can also choose to manually update the margin balances for specific accounts.  The margin capabilities will be available at all our custodian relationships.  For clients with margin accounts at Charles Schwab, the margin balances can be exported using Schwab Data Delivery and imported directly into ATOM.

Our goal at BlazePortfolio is to streamline the modeling and trading process, and the margin tracking is latest feature designed eliminate manual effort, save time and reduce risks.  Margin features will be released to ATOM ALIGN clients on October 4th.

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