BlazePortfolio Releases Version 2.2 of ATOM Align

Today we are excited to announce the release of ATOM Align, Version 2.2.  The latest version of ATOM Align includes features to help managers and advisors streamline rebalancing and mitigate risks.

Key features of the new release include compliance restrictions, allocation editing, advanced columns and additional reporting capabilities. 

Here is a summary of the new features in ATOM Align version 2.2:

Compliance Restrictions – The restriction module has been updated to include a variety compliance options:

  • Buy/Sell Restriction – Restrict any buy or sell trades of specified securities for certain portfolios or groups
  • Mutual Fund Redemption – Prevent a sell order for securities that have been held for less than a certain time
  • Wash Sale – Prevent a buy order for securities that have been sold recently at a loss
  • Round Lot – Round calculated trade amounts from rebalancing to the nearest specified increment
  • Min Quantity/Min Amount – Set a minimum that trades calculated from rebalancing must meet in order to be considered
  • Allow Trade Override – Option available for trading restrictions to give the user the ability to override restriction

Editing Allocations from Order Details – Allocations can be manually updated for each account in the Order Approval pop-up. Any changes will be reflected in the totals of the block orders created in ATOM.

Security Class Percentage Columns – New columns display the security class percentage of the held securities that share the same security class 1 or security class 2 classification. The columns display either sleeve percentage or portfolio percentage.

New Reports – Two new reports available with the new release:

  • Model Worksheet – This report is run from the Models screen. It lists out all the securities held in each selected model and the corresponding percentage weights for each model under the model column. This allows for easy comparison of security weights and shared securities between different models
  • Rebalance Summary- This report is run from the Portfolios screen. It lists out all the recommended trades from the selected portfolios based on the rebalancing calculations

Current clients will be upgraded automatically to the latest version over the next 2 weeks.

ATOM Align is the investment industry’s premier web-based trade management solution.  It combines streamlined portfolio model rebalancing and electronic trading to deliver straight-through-processing for trades and allocations.  

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