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BlazePortfolio Newsletter

December 7, 2011      

Designed to Benefit the Bottom Line

At BlazePortfolio we believe that product design directly impacts the bottom line of the end user.

We’ve developed ATOM ALIGN to be intuitive and easy to learn, leading to quicker implementations and increased user adoption.  The end result is increased productivity, reduced operational risk, and the ability to be nimble.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose an Order Management System

At the recent Charles Schwab Impact conference I spent quite a bit of time discussing the differences between Atom Align as an Order Management System versus standard rebalancing systems.

Because this distinction can be subtle, many vendors claim to have an OMS, but a careful analysis of the features will identify the differences.

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Technology Topics from Schwab IMPACT

Last month, BlazePortfolio Systems was an exhibiting vendor at the Charles Schwab national conference in San Francisco.

As always, technology is a hot topic at these events and the Schwab Intelligent Integration (SII) initiatives took center stage.

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News & Updates

Posted on 11.20.2011

Technology Topics from Schwab IMPACT

The Schwab Intelligent Integration initiative was featured at Schwab Impact conference.  Read about our takeaways.


Posted on 12.04.2011

Top 5 Reasons Advisors Should Choose an Order Management System

ATOM ALIGN is an order management system with advanced rebalancing capabilities.  Discover the reasons to use an OMS.

posted on 11.10.2011

Atom Align – Designed to Benefit the Bottom Line

ATOM ALIGN is intuitive and easy to learn, which leads to quicker implementations and increased user adoption, and then to increased productivity and reduced operational risk.

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