Straight-Through Processing with ATOM ALIGN

Straight-through processing is considered the holy grail by many in the investment industry. At BlazePortfolio, we developed ATOM ALIGN to deliver a straight-through process from investment decision-making to trade execution. By streamlining and automating each step in the investment modeling and trading process, advisors can save valuable time as they optimize use of ATOM ALIGN’s innovative technology.

Here are just a few of the features designed to maximize efficiency.

  • Fully Automated Straight-Through Processing – ATOM ALIGN can automatically monitor accounts for required rebalancing, create the trades, and then automatically execute the trades according to trading rules.
  • Real-Time Electronic Executions – Route orders and allocations to multiple custodians with the click of one button. Our electronic trading capability eliminates the need to log into a custodian platform and upload files for trading.
  • Model of Models – This approach is one of the most efficient ways to manage a wide range of client investment allocations.
  • Automated Import – We can get automated data feeds from a wide range of portfolio accounting systems, back-office outsourcing firms or direct from custodians. This ensures accounts are up-to-date before you start work each day.
  • Exception Processing – ATOM ALIGN makes it easy to manage unique client exceptions such as cash requirements, legacy holdings, or customized models.
  • Automatic Reconciliation – ATOM ALIGN automatically prevents trading for accounts that have trade mismatches from the previous day.

Benjamin Franklin said “Time is Money” more than 200 years ago. The adage is even more relevant given the speed of the world today. ATOM ALIGN is continually improving and leading the way toward straight-through processing for investment advisors.

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