Blaze Portfolio Integrations With Orion’s Portfolio Accounting System

Blaze partners with the RIA industry’s leading advisory service providers to help clients stay efficient and flexible. Our integrations with Orion’s portfolio accounting system offer advisors a wide range of options so they can scale their businesses in their own way.

The Blaze Portfolio integration capabilities are both highly flexible and scalable. With our integration tools, advisory firms can easily switch from one portfolio reporting solution to another without disruption to their trading and rebalancing operations.

Integrations With Orion’s Portfolio Accounting System

Our integrations with Orion’s portfolio accounting system open up a lot of possibilities for advisors. Like Orion, Blaze is committed to offering the best possible combination of solutions so that RIAs can operate at peak capacity. The Blaze integration with Orion’s portfolio accounting system allows advisors to seamlessly push the data that has been configured in Orion out to Blaze’s robust rebalancing and order management system. This ensures data consistency across both platforms and empowers advisors and traders with all of the benefits of the Blaze platform while simultaneously utilizing their data from the Orion accounting system.

Blaze can easily import all of the account information including names and numbers along with positions. In addition, Blaze can also pull in custom information that is set up in Orion so advisors have the information they need at their fingertips. Clients can create custom fields in Blaze, including text fields, numerical values, checkboxes, and dropdown menus. These fields can be set up to automatically update on a daily basis using Orion data.

Cash Management Integration Feature

Cash management is another feature available with the Orion integration. With the cash management integration, clients can enter in one-time or scheduled cash withdrawals. This information flows into Blaze and clients can create any of the necessary transactions to address the cash needs accordingly. One of the streamlined solutions available with this integration allows users to run a cash withdrawal process across every account with cash needs using one of our cash rebalancing algorithms. It only takes 3 clicks of a button to process the cash needs of hundreds of accounts.

Security information is also available including symbols, security descriptions, market data and sector information. Options trading is also possible with our conversion to the OSI symbology.

Blaze Portfolio’s ATOM Align software platform partners with Orion to provide a fully customizable solution. ATOM Align’s web-based portfolio modeling and trade order management solution features include:

  • Real-time electronic trading via FIX (Financial Information eXchange)
  • Trade compliance
  • Block order management
  • Model and household rebalancing
  • Tax loss harvesting
  • Trade strategy implementation

The platform serves investment advisors, RIAs, investment managers, trusts, broker dealers, and multi-family office clients. Trading and OMS capabilities streamline model rebalancing, household rebalancing and tax harvesting processes.

Orion Advisor Services has been building portfolio accounting solutions since 1999. Built “by advisors, for advisors”, they’ve served over 1,500 advisory firms with $650 billion in assets. Orion currently captures nearly 10% of the portfolio management market share, according to the 2019 T3 Software Survey.

Our goal is to be the stellar back-office support you need to run your business efficiently. Interested in our integration capabilities with Orion? Contact us to learn more.

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