The Best Features In Trading Software For RIAs

With a wealth of competition, the best trading software for RIAs is determined by its scalability and flexibility.

Automation has become a mainstream requirement, allowing advisors to become less consumed with day-to-day portfolio management tasks. Adaptable, “plug and play” platforms, which offer integration between multiple custodians, offer another valuable feature for advisors.

But the best features of trading software for RIAs don’t just streamline processes and connect advisors to multiple providers. These platforms create an ordered workflow between account reconciliation, account management and rebalancing, and the execution of trades.

Trading Software Features

Here are some of the main features we recommend you look for while securing your own trading software platform:

  1. Household Management. Having the option to manage assets by household instead of individually can save valuable time. This allows all assets to be analyzed as a group as part of the rebalancing process and organized for more effective allocation. The ideal software will be able to automate household rebalancing and allocation across all of your client accounts.
  2. Electronic Trading. The ease of access and convenience of electronic trading gives RIAs flexibility to act quickly when executing their strategy. This feature opens up a lot of options, allowing traders to take advantage of market data or predictive analytics to discern patterns and trends.
  3. Tax Harvesting. An excellent strategy for reducing clients’ taxes, tax harvesting is an essential tool in trading software for RIAs. By harvesting client losses, advisors are often able to offset any taxes on both gains and income. The ideal trading software will offer intelligent gain loss searches that can be saved and shared across multiple accounts.
  4. Trade Strategies. The right strategy can mean the difference between a loss and a profitable return. Look out for features that highlight and complement the strategies that your firm excels at. Prefer long equity or pairs trade? Your ideal platform will offer the most options for those strategies.
  5. Sophisticated Modeling. Whether you need class-level modeling or cash target rebalancing, having a platform that can support a range will be useful. Account and client-level customization is key to putting any model to work. And having the option to create models of models in order to monitor client portfolios becomes even more beneficial during market volatility.

Blaze’s Trading Software for RIAs

Blaze Portfolio’s trading software offers the best of all worlds: a diverse array of best-in-class features and expert partnerships with integrated platforms.

Our platform delivers automated trading for a seamless experience and utilizes wash sale prevention and security equivalent rules to streamline tax loss harvesting. Blaze’s household rebalancing and asset allocation allow for flexibility and customization when dealing with unique client circumstances.

Now with options trading capabilities added to our platform, we stay on top of the latest strategies so that your firm can too. Our sophisticated modeling ensures that your accounts rebalance accurately and efficiently. And Blaze’s software integrations with the industry’s leading service providers keep our clients ahead of trading tech innovation.

Interested in learning more about how our trading software can benefit your business? Contact us to set up your platform demo today.

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