Software Integrations with Portfolio Accounting and Reporting Systems Can Make or Break Operations at an RIA

Advancements in technology have increased advisors’ productivity and ability to serve clients for years. The modern advisor can outperform simply by embracing technology, “growing their number of clients by 5% more than typical advisors, and their assets under management by 9-10% more.” Advisors have more options than ever when it comes to deciding which software they want to use for client relationship management, performance reporting, financial planning, portfolio management, and more. But the backend of RIA operations is the hub of a complicated machine that works best when all moving parts can work together. An efficient RIA back-office solution must include seamless software integrations with portfolio accounting and reporting systems, custodians, trading systems and other third-party systems. 

Optimizing an RIA Back-Office with Software Integration

Not all integrations are alike.  The latest trend toward REST API’s have enormous potential but in reality, many are limited in scope and scale. Simple flat files are often faster to process large amounts of data and are easily set up as automatic integrations that connect with existing systems and industry partners.

Integrations between accounting/reporting systems and leading industry services continue to evolve, and range from financial planning tools to document organization and analytics. They can also offer investment analytics, market commentary, or additional tools for scaling your investment advisory business. No matter the focus of a backend solution, it must be combined with reliable data and have the ability to work seamlessly with all other integrations. 

Advisors can utilize such highly flexible, efficient, and scalable systems to navigate a complex and volatile market as well as to focus more time on client relationships and streamline internal processes. 

Blaze Knows the Importance of Integration

The most important integrations with portfolio management software are trade management connections. Advisors using the Blaze Portfolio system can benefit from highly scalable and streamlined software integrations with portfolio accounting and reporting systems, custodians, and other trading systems. To help clients stay efficient and flexible, Blaze partners with the RIA industry’s leading advisory service providers including but not limited to the following:


Through comprehensive data aggregation, powerful analytics, customizable reporting tools, and interactive client portals, Addepar anticipates and addresses the singular needs of investors and advisors with updated, accurate information each day.

Black Diamond Wealth Platform

Black Diamond is a cloud-based portfolio management platform offering aggregation, customizable reporting, and rebalancing, combined with outsourced daily reconciliation, with anytime, anywhere access for you and your clients.

Charles Schwab Portfolio Center 

Run your operations more efficiently with advanced data-management and performance-measurement tools, as well as customizable accounting, reporting, and billing functions with Charles Schwab PortfolioCenter. 

Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions®

Fidelity provides banks, broker-dealers, and RIAs with technology, thinking, and collaboration to help them achieve their unique goals.

Morningstar Office

Morningstar is a complete practice and portfolio management system for independent financial advisors, featuring robust portfolio management and performance reporting, advanced research capabilities, sophisticated investment planning, and intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

Orion Advisor Services, LLC 

Blaze integrations with Orion’s portfolio accounting system provide the integrated and fully customizable technology solutions that advisors need to grow their businesses over the long term. 

TD Ameritrade Institutional 

TD Ameritrade provides comprehensive brokerage and custody services to more than 4,000 fee-based, independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs).

Our software integrations with portfolio accounting and reporting systems allow advisory firms to gain an advantage and optimize their use of time. Blaze Portfolio’s partner integrations also allow advisors to switch from one portfolio reporting solution to another without disruption to trading and rebalancing operations, so they can find the technology that works best for them. And in a world where the list of software options for advisors continues to grow, it could take some trial to ensure that the backend office is running like a well-oiled machine.

At Blaze, we’ve built more than 50 integrations to various third parties. We’ve integrated with: Portfolio Accounting Systems, Custodians, Trading Networks Execution Systems and Brokers, Market Data Trust Accounting Systems, Bank Settlement, Other Industry Partners. Contact us to find out more about current integrations that optimize solutions for investment managers

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