Why Buy Portfolio Rebalancing Software Now?

Three reasons NOW is the perfect time to purchase portfolio rebalancing software:

  1. COST BASIS REGULATION: As of January 1, 2011 custodians and other financial institutions are required to provide additional cost basis information. Because of these new requirements, many custodians are now making this information available electronically, eliminating the need for portfolio accounting systems to supply the data to a portfolio rebalancing system. With portfolio rebalancing software like ATOM ALIGN, investment advisors can perform tax efficient trading and rebalancing without having to spend thousands of dollars on a separate portfolio accounting system.
  2. INCREASED SEC OVERSIGHT: In the wake of the Madoff scandal and other financial misdealings, the SEC has increased their oversight, which requires more frequent audits. Advisors must provide details on best executions, order allocations, etc. as a complete audit record of all transactions will now be required. ATOM ALIGN provides an SEC compliant trade blotter and detailed record of all transactions.
  3. ADVANCEMENTS IN WEB TECHNOLOGY: Technological advancements provide scalable software environments with a light footprint.  Software can be installed on one laptop or be scaled to hundreds of users, while being hosted in the cloud. In the past access to this type of technology was only available to enterprises. Thanks to these advancements, ATOM ALIGN is able to offer the most flexible installation of rebalancing and trade management software in the industry.


The ATOM ALIGN system is designed to maximize business performance and reduce the risks associated with advisory business. ATOM ALIGN streamlines the creation and management of the most complex portfolio and household models, saving significant time, money and effort.  An end-to-end solution, ATOM ALIGN combines the portfolio rebalancing and trade management functions into a single integrated application.

Find out more about ATOM ALIGN at https://www.blazeportfolio.com/

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