Cash Management Features for Clients’ Portfolios

Cash Management for Advisors 

Managing cash is one of the most common activities advisors deal with daily. Not only do you have to manage each client cash request and deposit, but you also need to monitor cash asset allocations, address cash minimums and maximums, handle RMDs, and identify the right trades to execute when a client needs cash. 

Managing these cash flows manually can be cumbersome and error prone, and it isn’t necessary.  Whether you want to dollar cost average or automate monthly draw downs on IRAs, Blaze Portfolio’s cash management features for clients’ portfolios help you to monitor cash balances and drift and recommend trades to rebalance cash, while using tax-optimized rebalancing across accounts in a household. 

The cash management features for clients’ portfolios that you can expect from Blaze 

  • Real-time cash accounting so clients never have to worry about duplicating trades or overspending cash. Blaze Portfolio has an internal accounting engine that tracks every trade in the system to ensure accurate calculations.  
  • Intraday Cash Deposits / Withdrawals can be updated automatically to reflect custodian cash transactions or determine trades required during a client cash withdrawal. 
  • Multiple ways to ensure that client cash balances are right on target. Accounts can have minimum or maximum cash ranges and our system can identify accounts or households that have drifted away from their target.
  • Cash rebalancing strategies that create trades the way advisors do—with solutions to complex needs built into the system.   

Simplify your day-to-day cash workflows with software that puts you in control. 

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