For many, the current global health crisis has put life on hold, but RIAs know their fiduciary duty to their clients never takes a break. Especially not now. In these unprecedented and rapidly changing times, monitoring drift is more important than ever, and you can easily automate drift monitoring with Blaze Portfolio — it’s included in our streamlined solution.

Volatile markets, customizable solutions

As Erik Setterlind, head of investment management Kalos Financial said recently, “Tumultuous times like these require a closer and more frequent look at the accounts and models than are typically done, and it’s important to keep an eye on how client accounts are reacting relative to your models.”

And of course, since responding to an off-kilter client portfolio can be time-consuming and complex, automation allows you to save time and better serve your clients. Blaze Portfolio’s model rebalancing suite of services includes drift monitoring, which easily identifies accounts that are outside of a preset target allocation. And when you automate drift monitoring with Blaze Portfolio, everything is customizable — the system reacts in real-time and automatically self-corrects in accordance with each of your client’s individual needs and parameters. 

Seamless, scalable, and successful

Automated drift monitoring is a critical part of a comprehensive strategy to monitor your client’s portfolios during market volatility, including these tools for model rebalancing:
Flexible and Scalable Modeling, which allows users to mix and match sleeves to create an unlimited number of models that are easy to manage and scalable to trade.
– Client Modeling, which uses location optimization to implement a consistent tax optimization strategy.
– Asset Allocation, which lets you create asset class allocation targets that are not security specific.
– Custom Rebalancing Rules, which helps you handle legacy assets or create customized rules to manage one-off scenarios.

A private cloud and dedicated support

With private cloud hosting, Blaze Portfolio ensures our dedicated hardware is not shared with other companies. And with support included at no charge, each client gets personalized training configuring the system so they don’t miss a beat and can start trading fast.

Customizable technology can help advisors avoid trading errors and leverage valuable portfolio data in times of high market volatility, but finding the right third party solution is critical. Sign up for Blaze Portfolio’s customized demo, and discover solutions to save time and optimize your investment management process.

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