Top Enhancements to Our Portfolio Rebalancing and Trading Technology

At BlazePortfolio, we are committed to serving financial advisors with the best rebalancing and trade order management system on the market. What sets us apart from our competitors is our deep industry knowledge, grounded in decades of experience working with hundreds of investment advisory firms, and our commitment to building a complete solution

In 2017 we made great strides forward with scores of new features. Here are just a few of the exciting enhancements to our portfolio rebalancing and trading solution, ATOM Align, that have been made within the last year.

This Year’s New Features from Blaze Portfolio

Cash Rebalance Options

New rebalance types have been added to the application to help advisors raise or invest cash in portfolios in the most efficient way possible. These features are available for one or many accounts:

  • Cash Target-Buy Only
  • Cash Target-Sell Only
  • Cash Target-Buy/Sell Only
  • Cash Range Rebalance
  • Zero Tolerance
Tax Loss Harvesting

New enhancements to our portfolio management solution make it simple to create a customized search for taxable losses or gains across your entire business. You also have the ability to view and filter the results, and then create the sell and replacement trades in one screen.

Drift Analysis

You now can assign Min and Max ranges to model targets and monitor the results dynamically across your business. These Min/Max drift ranges allow you to quickly find Portfolios that are outside of their Sleeve or Cash allocation.

Asset Allocation Models

You can now create sleeves based on asset class, security type, security class or custom field rather than just a defined security. Any position held in a relevant portfolio will be automatically included in the sleeve calculation.

Electronic Mutual Fund Trading

You now have the power to trade Mutual Funds electronically over FIX for Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Pershing and Fidelity clients.

Import Templates

To improve information flow, Import Templates can now be created in order to import spreadsheet data more easily. This feature can be utilized for ad hoc spreadsheets or can help advisors integrate more easily with other systems.

Pre-Trade Compliance Enhancements

With recent improvements in features, Pre Trade Compliance Restrictions are smarter, more scalable and fully transparent to compliance auditors.

Smart Blocking

Automated blocking is a breeze with the ability to block all trades with a single button.

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Don’t Miss Upcoming Enhancements to Our Portfolio Management Technology

The enhancements to our portfolio rebalancing technology that we made in 2017 add significantly to the effectiveness of the complete solution. And this year our plans are even more grand!

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