7 Steps To Optimize Your Investment Management Process

There’s so much to keep track of these days. RIAs are striving to maximize returns, increase customer satisfaction and earn referrals. Take these seven steps to optimize your investment management process and free up time to grow your business while effectively managing existing clients.

 1. Automate

Chances are, you know the importance of automation, especially for drift monitoring and cash rebalancing. Automation helps you reign in risk, increase security, and avoid errors.  

2. Seek steadfast support

As independent RIAs, you do what’s best for your clients – especially when it comes to customer service. And so do we! Each BlazePortfolio implementation is tailored to your operational needs. Tech support is included at no charge and available on the phone and online every day.

3. Integrate with integrity

Our integrations are simple, fast and automatic — to portfolio accounting systems, trading networks, custodians, execution systems, brokers, trust accounting systems, bank settlement, and other industry partners – even market data. 

4. Scale strategically

Our software makes it easy to implement complex rebalancing models and monitor asset allocations across portfolios. Manage a single strategy or really optimize your investment management process by combining multiple strategies to create models of models, making an unlimited number of models that are easy to manage and scalable to trade.

5. Reduce risk 

Blaze Portfolio’s robust pre-trade compliance features help avoid trading errors or can be set up to notify managers to review specific trades. Other risk reduction features include wash sale monitoring, regulatory data capture and auditing, trade reconciliation, and validation for stale data and market data.

6. Tame taxes 

Tax management tools include real time gain/loss calculations on every trade which gives you the ability to sort/filter results; tax harvesting, so you can search for opportunities and easily generate trades to realize the losses or gains; and tax location optimization which ensures you’re investing according to your tax strategy with simple location optimization rules.

7. Control cash 

Whether a client requests cash for withdrawal or places a deposit in one of their accounts, using specially designed cash rebalancing tools will help you automatically rebalance cash to your precise desired level in the fewest number of trades.

Take a big step toward optimizing your investment process today! Schedule a personal tour of Blaze Portfolio. 


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