RIAs Save Time and Money With Cash Rebalancing

Cash rebalancing: easily optimize cash flow, even in uncertain times

There’s so much going on right now. Markets are jumpy, and it’s not clear exactly what to expect in the coming months. In the weeks since stocks peaked in February 2020, there have been dramatic changes. Registered Investment Advisors, more than ever, need to anticipate volatility and act accordingly.

How cash rebalancing works
Cash rebalancing is critical to satisfying your clients’ needs. You don’t want to wait  — you want to be ready, whether a client requests cash for withdrawal or places a deposit in one of their accounts. Using specially designed cash rebalancing tools enables advisors to realign cash to the desired level in the fewest number of trades — satisfying client cash demands quickly and easily.

Cash management tailored to each client
Managing cashflows manually can be a cumbersome activity, but Blaze Portfolio’s software has powerful cash management tools to help you analyze, monitor, and trade based on the cash and liquidity requirements of each advisor and client.

Relax with real-time cash accounting
You’ll never have to worry about duplicating trades or overspending cash since Blaze Portfolio has an internal accounting engine that tracks every trade in the system to ensure accurate calculations. Intraday Cash Deposits / Withdrawals can be updated automatically to reflect custodian cash transactions or determine trades required during a client cash withdrawal.

Hit all your cash balance targets
With Blaze Portfolio, users have multiple ways to ensure that client cash balances are right on target. Accounts can have minimum or maximum cash ranges and the system monitors and identifies accounts or households that have drifted away from their target.

Finding your footing with cash rebalancing
There are many ways of handling cash reserves and investing excess cash. Blaze Portfolio has developed cash rebalancing strategies that work the way advisors do. Using separate calculations in a spreadsheet or creating custom models to handle cash is not scalable and comes with potential risks.

Cash rebalance options and parameters
Several rebalance options are available through Blaze Portfolio. These options help advisors raise or invest cash in portfolios in the most efficient way possible. RIAs can save time and money when they use these features on one account, or several.

– Cash Target-Buy Only
– Cash Target-Sell Only
– Cash Target-Buy/Sell Only
– Cash Range Rebalance
– Zero Tolerance

Simplify your day-to-day cash workflows with software that puts you in control. Schedule a personal tour of Blaze Portfolio to learn how simple it can be to rebalance your clients’ cash reserves. 

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