How RIAs Can Leverage Cloud Technology to Capitalize on Market Volatility

In times of market volatility, your clients need you now more than ever. But how do you find time to spend those extra minutes reassuring your clients that their finances are under control?

It’s during these extremes of market volatility where cloud technology for investment professionals buys you that extra time to devote to clients.

Cloud technology is when programs and information are stored and accessed via the internet as opposed to being housed on one hard drive in particular. 

By leveraging cloud technology, you’ll be able to dedicate yourself to the all-important human side of the business.

How can cloud technologies help your investment firm? It’s easier than you think, and once you have “the cloud” working to your advantage, you’ll appreciate the time and resources you can leverage for your clientele.

Especially in these times, you cannot over-communicate – and that’s where RIAs can use cloud technology to their advantage. 

How Cloud Technologies Help RIAs

Cloud technology can put you miles ahead of your competition in terms of serving your clients’ best interests. Now is the perfect time to look into these advantages:

  • Re-examine your processes and tools: Are you spending too much time on tasks and activities that take you away client communication?
  • Implement automation: Ensure your trades are going through when you want them to and when they need to pass through to meet your investment strategies.
  • Execute strategies: For example, technology can handle portfolio rebalances in an instant and execute order flow across multiple custodians.

Keeping Mission-Critical Tasks at Your Fingertips

Your clients expect their needs to be at the top of your mind all the time, but especially during times of market volatility. 

Technology will help you meet your clients’ expectations:

  • Assess clients’ needs and goals: Tumultuous times call for more frequent looks at your models, and automation can help.
  • Avoid trading errors: Checks and balances for accuracy are crucial in times of market volatility.
  • Portfolio rebalancing: Drift analysis can identify an opportune time to rebalance your portfolio, and portfolio rebalancing can be done in an instant. When you automate drift monitoring with Blaze Portfolio, everything is customizable — the system reacts in real-time and automatically self-corrects in accordance with each of your client’s individual needs and parameters. 

Now that you understand how cloud technology can help your firm weather the storm of market volatility, schedule a personal tour of Blaze Portfolio to learn how simple it can be.

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