How RIAs can Streamline Trade Order Creation through Technology

According to this survey, only 41% of investment advisors use automated processes when managing client assets. With 69% of RIAs missing out on efficiencies such as streamlining trade order management, your chance to get — and stay — ahead of other firms is rife with opportunity, especially if you’re looking to either grow your firm or become more efficient with your existing client base.

And the benefits of streamlined trade order creation abound such as:

  • More consistent trade executions across different custodian
  • More robust systems and controls for trading
  • Faster reactions to the market
  • Ease and speed of implementation

Your clients are looking to you to understand their full financial picture and discuss different possible outcomes. By utilizing features like risk management and model rebalancing, you’ll be able to understand a client’s full financial picture with greater speed and ease than ever before – allowing you to focus more on providing them ideas on how to pursue their goals.

But when you integrate tech solutions like streamlined trade order creation and algorithmic trading, you can deliver an experience and the best returns for your clients. This results in you gaining more time for face-to-face communications when it matters the most to your clients – like during market volatility

Having a solid technology stack is a crucial starting point. When you can harness the efficiency of a software platform that can streamline trade order creation while offering your clients the same outstanding service they expect from your firm, you can begin to build even greater value — and potentially reach more clients than ever before.

Benefits of Streamlined Trade Order Creation:

More consistent trade executions across different custodians. Manage trading across all accounts within one system, which allows you to meticulously track your performance and trade executions. Greatly streamline the efficiency of your trading process by being able to trade multiple custodians through one platform. It will increase the consistency of your trade executions across your various custodial platforms. 

More robust systems and controls for trading. With built-in additional control logic, such as cash minimums, restrictions, and other safeguards, you — and your clients — can have full confidence in their systematic and accurate trade management.  

Faster reactions to the market. With streamlined modeling features, combined with a sophisticated order management system, create trades for hundreds of accounts and execute trades across multiple custodians faster than ever before.  

Ease and speed of implementation. A cloud-based platform means Blaze Portfolio can quickly complete all required configuration and integrations. As a result, you’re able to be up and running for your firm faster than ever.

Blaze Portfolio’s Trading Software for RIAs:

Our trading software offers the best of all worlds: a diverse array of best-in-class features and expert partnerships with integrated platforms.

We provide full support including regular updates and bug fixes, as well as phone assistance during trading hours. In addition, Blaze Portfolio quickly addresses and resolves all tickets sent to the support team. “The support is always excellent. As soon as I pick up the phone and ask about something I get an answer immediately,” said 3EDGE’s Dan Zraly. “The support staff is very knowledgeable about the product – I don’t have to typically wait while they go research the issue.”

Our platform delivers automated trading for a seamless experience and utilizes streamlined trade order creation. Blaze’s household rebalancing and asset allocation also allow for flexibility and customization when dealing with unique client circumstances.

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