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Tax Loss Harvesting Infographic

Download the infographic here.​ ... Keep Reading →

How to use Tax Loss Harvesting to reduce client taxes

What is Tax Loss Harvesting?Tax Loss Harvesting (TLH) is simply a strategy where the current losses in client positions are realized by selling the securities to reduce the capital gain taxes for clients.  In order to maintain the client’s investment strategy, those securities are often replaced by purchasing an equivalent holding.Important things to consider when Tax Loss HarvestingWash Sales: Although the IRS does allow tax loss harvesting it is ... Keep Reading →

Introducing Blaze Portfolio Communities

We are excited to announce the launch our of new Community, a space for clients to ask questions and engage in meaningful discussions with both Blaze Portfolio team members and each other. The Community, also highlighted on our Support homepage, features sections on Discussions and Best Practices, Troubleshooting & Tips, ... Keep Reading →

Replacement trading made easy

Bryson Pouw, PresidentOne of our favorite things to do at BlazePortfolio is to solve hard problems with the click of a button.  When working with clients we often hear about tedious workflows in Excel which take hours, that can replaced by a feature in ATOM Align which takes seconds.The process of selling one security and purchasing another security to replace it is an example of a workflow that comes up frequently for investment advisors.  At first glance this process may seem ... Keep Reading →

Security Equivalents with ATOM Align

Bryson Pouw, PresidentOne of the exciting new features that we’ve just released is the ability to add Security Equivalents to sleeve and models.  With a security equivalents you can now incorporate securities that are not included in a standard model.  For example you might have securities that are legacy client holdings or mutual funds closed to new investors that should be included in the overall allocation for existing holders of those securities.With the latest version of ATOM ... Keep Reading →

Do Robo-Advisors Use Excel?

That and other questions will be helpful while addressing your firm’s infrastructure, in light of the robo-advisors onset.Opinions on robo-advisors range from fear of competition to not impacting an advisor’s business. Regardless of where you are on the opinion spectrum, you should take this time to review areas of the robo-advisor’s success and compare them to your business model and infrastructure. Don’t dismiss their arrival and success as a fad that will disappear in a few ... Keep Reading →

Tax Loss Harvesting: Feast or Famine?

After reviewing the literature on tax efficiency and loss harvesting, we find that a well-diversified and risk managed portfolio implicitly promotes tax efficiency by reducing the number of big down years, and as a result, minimizes the amount of tax available to be harvested. We also find that claims by robo-advisors of a 1-3% annual gains from tax harvesting are overestimated because of 1) bias in the timeframe, 2) bias in the portfolio composition, 3) tax deferrals misrepresented as gains ... Keep Reading →

ATOM Align by BlazePortfolio featured in Wealth Management Today

ATOM Align is capturing more attention in the financial world these days, as industry leader Craig Iskowitz recently praised the platform on his widely read blog, Wealth ... Keep Reading →

Top 5 ways the ATOM Align API can help optimize your trading process

Top 5 ways the ATOM Align API can help optimize your trading processApplication Programming Interfaces (APIs) offer an advantage to customers by exposing an application’s internal business logic to outside sources. This allows for other systems to directly interact and integrate with the functions of a piece of software. For example, Uber’s recently released API allows for its partners to directly connect and send coordinates to Uber from their own applications. ... Keep Reading →

Technology Decisions That Drive Your Staff Crazy

While assessing an advisory firm’s technology needs, I was told to “push the envelope” with Excel’s capabilities so the firm didn’t have to invest in other software. As a consultant, it was not difficult for me to respond. As an employee, I may not have had the opportunity to respond.When it comes to technology, it seems that making no decision is the number one reason employees are frustrated. The excuses given for no decision just adds to the frustration levels.But ... Keep Reading →


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