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Pershing Enhances NetX360® Platform with Additional Third-Party Technology Integrations

JERSEY CITY, N.J., November 20, 2013 - Pershing LLC, a BNY Mellon company, today announced several enhancements to NetX360®, its technology platform for advisors. NetX360 now offers additional integrations with two popular portfolio management and rebalancing solutions –Blaze Portfolio and Portfolio Pathway ... Keep Reading →

Fear of Conversions is a Good Thing

Is this your firm? Unhappiness with the legacy software, interest in new technology, excitement during the evaluation, contract ready to sign…. And then time passes without a decision.Fear has set in and you can’t let it go. It seems that someone you know has a bad conversion story and this prevents you from making the decision to convert your legacy system.So why is fear a good thing?You are ... Keep Reading →

Morningstar Announces 2013 Awards for Best ETFs and ETF Providers

Morningstar held their annual ETF conference last month in Chicago where they identified winners across 40 ETF categories, with the category winner receiving the highest ranking in the category versus its peers. The Morningstar Awards for ETFs and ETF providers consider risk-adjusted returns; the ability of the ETF to track its index; and the total cost of ETF ownership, based on an ETF’s estimated holding cost, tracking volatility, and market impact cost. To be eligible, ETFs must ... Keep Reading →

Efficient Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies

In the current economic climate, uncertainty is the only certainty.  Concerns about government gridlock, inflation, deflation, unemployment, deficits, and global markets produce high volatility and frequent market corrections.  How can asset managers manage this systemic risk?Tactical asset allocation, provides a proactive approach for addressing today’s volatile market.  It has become consensus opinion that tactical asset allocation is a more dynamic, forward looking approach to ... Keep Reading →

Top 5 Reasons ETF Managers should use ATOM Align

The total asset in ETFs have ballooned to over $2 trillion in assets.  The recent inflows into ETF’s have been impressive, yet we are likely at the beginning of this trend.  There are various reasons advisors and managers are utilizing ETFs rather than mutual funds; lower expense ratio costs, liquidity, tactical portfolio management, or just a better fit for overall investment philosophy.  With the right technology ETF managers can maximize the benefits of these securities.We ... Keep Reading →

BlazePortfolio Partners with SunGard to Deliver MarketMap Market Data, News and Analysis

BlazePortfolio clients can now gain access to high quality market data, news and analysis from over 170 global exchanges and OTC sources through the SunGard MarketMap 350 Workstation.  This cost effective and scalable solution helps managers make the most informed decisions by conducting fast and accurate security research and analysis.The MarketMap platform offers a wide range of features including:QuotesQuote ListsChartsNewsSymbol ... Keep Reading →

Looking to avoid trade away fees?

As fiduciaries, investment advisers are obligated to seek the best execution when trading for clients.  Best execution is more of a process driven by sound policies and procedures, than it is a single data point.  Advisers need to create an environment that is compliant with qualitative processes while considering trading factors such as price, commission, trade liquidity, timeliness, clearance, proper execution venue, crossing networks, direct order routing, algorithms or alternative ... Keep Reading →

Aim for Successful Integration, Not Just a Successful Implementation

Implementing technology is an overwhelming process. In the end, you may be relieved if it comes in only four weeks late and just 10% over budget.You may consider the implementation successful when the software/hardware is installed, data is transferred from the old system to the new system, and your staff receives training from the vendor.Don’t cross off the implementation on your to-do list and begin calculating ROI’s quite yet ... Keep Reading →

Announcing New Margin Capabilities

We are happy to announce the newest ATOM ALIGN feature for tracking margin balances.  This feature will give ATOM users the ability to model accounts and created trades while also accounting for available margin balances.“ATOM’s new margin capabilities are a part of our continued effort to offer trade order management features aimed for asset managers, “ says Bryson Pouw, President of BlazePortfolio.  We added this feature at the request of some of our clients.” Margin balances ... Keep Reading →

BlazePortfolio Releases Version 2.2 of ATOM Align

Today we are excited to announce the release of ATOM Align, Version 2.2.  The latest version of ATOM Align includes features to help managers and advisors streamline rebalancing and mitigate risks.Key features of the new release include compliance restrictions, allocation editing, advanced columns and additional reporting capabilities. Here is a summary of the new features in ATOM Align version 2.2 ... Keep Reading →


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