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BlazePortfolio in FPPad Bits and Bytes

BlazePortfolio was mentioned in the most recent Bits and Bytes update from FPPad.  Bill Winterberg founded FPPad in 2008 to deliver news, insight, and thought leadership on financial planning technology.Bits and Bytes is a weekly update on the most recent technology happenings.  This week he has moved from newsletter format to video broadcast for the first time.  Take a look:   ... Keep Reading →


By Susan Glover, President of Susan Glover & AssociatesAs a consultant who developed many Excel based applications, I understand why firms love Excel and won’t consider other software. I also understand when Excel is no longer the right solution for an application. That was then…When companies began to embrace Excel, those of us who understood Excel’s capabilities were very excited. We quickly ... Keep Reading →

BlazePortfolio Offers Connectivity to Fidelity via FIX

BlazePortfolio has completed the validation of FIX connectivity with Fidelity.  Investment Advisors with assets at Fidelity now have the option to utilize BlazePortfolio’s ATOM Align to communicate allocations and trade orders in real-time with the Fidelity trading desk.  FIX is the investment industry standard for trade execution, read more about it here ... Keep Reading →

BlazePortfolio Completes Integration with Black Diamond

BlazePortfolio is excited to complete its integration with Black Diamond.  The Blaze Portfolio and Black Diamond integrated solution offers Investment Advisors the opportunity to utilize both platforms for their back office systems.  The combined platforms offer a fully web-based solution for Advisors who benefit from solutions that are available anywhere and anytime.     ... Keep Reading →

Introducing the ATOM ALIGN API

We are very happy to announce the public release of the ATOM ALIGN API. ATOM ALIGN is a powerful model rebalancing and trade order management used by financial advisors and investment managers.  The goal of the ATOM ALIGN API is to provide BlazePortfolio customers and partners with programmatic access to ATOM features such as order creation, streamlined trade management and electronic trading.The ATOM ALIGN API is based on widely accepted standards such as REST for access and ... Keep Reading →

Tales from the Tape: Factoring in Trade Execution in the Performance Equation

Part II - Electronic ExecutionBy J. Kolman Estreicher, Wolverine Execution Services (WEX) Intended for Institutional Investors. Some of the biggest misconceptions with respect to ETF trading seem to originate from the electronic marketplace.  These misconceptions typically involve casual sentiments toward placing ETF market orders; frustration resulting from an ETF's ... Keep Reading →

Tales from the Tape: Factoring in Trade Execution in the Performance Equation

By J. Kolman Estreicher, Wolverine Execution Services (WEX) Intended for Institutional Investors. BlazePortfolio has invited Wolverine Execution Services to participate in our newsletter.  Access to WEX ... Keep Reading →

Electronic Trading - How Advisors Can Benefit

Electronic trading is a beneficial but underutilized tool for advisors. Technically, advisors have been trading electronically through custodian websites for many years, but this is not an entirely straight-through-process.To trade multiple accounts advisors have to create a CSV file in a custodian specific format, save it in a location, log into the custodian site, upload the file, validate the results and review any warnings. Finally, after many manual steps, the trade is ready for ... Keep Reading →

Top 5 Reasons to Choose an Order Management System

Advanced Trading recently published an article written by Bryson Pouw, President at BlazePortfolio Systems.  Bryson compares the key differences between a trade order management system and a rebalancing system.  An RIA can gain a clear understanding of which system is most beneficial to his/her practice.  Here is the link to the article: ... Keep Reading →

Jack Russell, Founder of Russell Capital Management, Shares His Experience with Atom Align

Harry “Jack” Russell started the Lexington, KY based firm Russell Capital Management in 1990. Russell Capital Management now employs seven advisors and manages portfolios for high net worth families, public and private foundations, retirement plans, IRAs, revocable and irrevocable trusts, and other investors. In this video, Jack describes his customized approach to investment strategies and how ATOM ALIGN has significantly reduced the time required to manage his accounts. ... Keep Reading →


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